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The promise that I make to you is one that I have made to myself first. I know you can deliberately create your own reality, creating all that you want in life. No matter what it is, for example health, money, family, love. I know you can fulfil your personal purpose and also your higher purpose. I know this is all possible, because I am doing it and I teach others to do it too
— 'The Source' Judith McAdam

Judith is the mum of twin sons and a beautiful daughter she is also an author, theologian, kinesiologist, life coach, course facilitator and inspirational speaker.

Throughout her career Judith has been inspiring women and men to tap into their unique creative intelligence and step into their true potential realising their personal and higher purpose in this life. Judith weaves together the ancient and the new drawing on mystical theological traditions and connecting this information to contemporary psychology and science in an accessible and impactful way.

She marries theory and twenty first century human experience specialising on issues around health, relationships, infertility, , finance and career. She is currently developing a body of work that incorporates a co-creative and collaborative future for women and men that will serve to bridge us out of the old systems that no longer serve us.

Her process taps into the creative zeitgeist connecting to world luminaries like John O’Donohue, Wayne Dyer, Louise L Hay and Gabrielle Bernstein while also drawing deep from the well of ancient feminine mysticism.

She synthesises her knowledge to reveal the universal principles that unite us all, with the over-riding message that our greatest power lies within us – and if we harness that power we can deliberately create our own reality.  

Firstly from the bottom of my heart thank you for all your guidance’s, support and encouragement over the last 5 years! For your help in getting over my fears, breaking through the difficult life hurdles and teaching me to believe in myself and understand my higher purpose. When I think back now to that first appointment and all I have broken through since then I am overwhelmed and so honoured to have met such a wonderful lady. In the past 5 years I have transformed my life in so many ways!

Judith is one of a kind, the most beautiful and truly inspirational souls on this earth. She will look after you, help you grow and reach your higher purpose in life. Remember anything you can imagine you can create.
— Emma O Brien, Teacher & Business owner

Judith has just completed a BA(Hons) degree in Theology and has a Diploma in Anat & Physiology, Dip Reflexology, TFH-IKC, Dawson Program, Kinesiology, Tera Mai Reiki Master.

Judith McAdam has created a magnificent body of work that connects our everyday human existence with something much bigger. When I met Judith I began to experience life full Technicolor.

Judith has showed me how to clear many personal and professional blocks in my life by aligning with my higher purpose. She helped me to build momentum in a positive direction towards the life that has always been waiting for them. She is a modern day Sherpa, lovingly guiding people along the mountain track towards the life that has always been waiting for them.
— Kathy Scott, The Trailblazery