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Money is only energy yet it causes so many problems for so many people.  To be honest with you it’s not Money that’s the problem, it is how you are thinking about it and what your conditioning and learned behavioural patterns are around it! You are allowed to create and have money that is why I choose to pick this topic this week. I will be using Money as an example as it is the perceived cause of worry for so many people. 

Tuning in…  

Before we go any further though remember everything is energy first (including Money) and we are forming an energetic tool box to help you deliberately create what you desire in your life.  The biggest tool you have is meditation.  Just 15minutes a day, I promise, will make a huge difference to you.

But if you can’t do 15 minutes then just for now let me help you to create your comfort zone; preparing the way for you to receive the information on this page. You are giving yourself space to develop your own awareness. This is the first step. Be patient. Sometimes you need to slow down to go faster. You are now starting to work deliberately with your conscious and subconscious mind as well. Believe it or not this is an integral step toward deliberately creating Money in your life. 

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Your Inner Child and your Subconscious mind…

After Meditation your Inner Child is the biggest tool you have in your tool box to create your own reality.  Your Inner Child represents your subconscious mind in its entirety. When your subconscious mind is aligned with Source Energy then you are completely limitless, but you need to know how to access this field of pure potential.  

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Here are just some of the things your subconscious mind loves:

  • Your subconscious mind loves forming loops.
  • Your internal chatter both positive and negative starts to gather momentum and forms loops, programming the subconscious mind within 17 seconds. Basically every 17 seconds of internal chat is programming, programming, programming.  
  • You create a pattern within 28-90 days
  • Your subconscious mind is like a vast computer holding all your files both, positive and negative, and when connected to Source Energy has access to the field of pure potential.  

Building up a relationship with your subconscious mind means you can get it to do what you want it to do. I refer to your subconscious mind as your Inner Child as more often than not your inner little one is triggered by old fears. This blocks you from moving forward. 

How to deliberately create your own reality…

Change the Energy first.


The Mental and Emotional

And then

It will ripple out into your physical world. 

Your Subconscious mind, your inner child and creating more money!

This is only an introduction and takes practice

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For Example


Then Observe your internal dialogue, the internal chat that is constantly saying ‘I will never be able to afford that; I owe so much money it is pointless even thinking about it. I’m no good with money…’ on and on it goes.  Observing this internal chatter is more important than you think.  Every 17 Seconds of negative internal chatter is programming your subconscious mind.  Your Subconscious mind loves loops and feeling. It will take this negative chatter combined with your hopeless feeling and create more of this... NOT more money!

It is imperative to deliberately creating that you recognise what feelings you are conjuring up. When you can decipher whether it is a positive or negative feeling you then can choose what feelings you want to keep and what feelings you would like to get rid of. Knowing what feelings your Inner child is attached to is very important here, no matter what you want to create. 

If you feel broke that’s how you feel, acknowledge this but start to change the loop by introducing new thoughts.  Start to comfort your inner child, change your 17 seconds of internal chatter even a little bit. Say things like ‘even though I don’t know how to create more money yet I am open to believing I will at some point’. Continue this new 17 seconds of chat by asking, for example ‘I am not sure how to do this, I owe so much money but give me clarity on how I can create more money, give me clarity quickly and easily’.

This may feel a bit strange at first but in fact you are beginning to create momentum around a new loop.  This will eventually make manifest on the physical. All you have to do is observe yourself and your negative chatter.  Work with your inner child aka your subconscious mind and change each negative 17 seconds into something more positive. When you ask you do receive, but you will also need to listen to your intuition.

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This really works, but you have to practice it.  It’s a bit like going to the gym; your muscles are weak at the beginning but with practice you soon tone up!

Make what I call a ‘F*CK  IT’ decision today about money and let this be your mantra.

‘F*CK  IT’ - I have decided to be wealthy for the rest of my life.  I don’t know how I am going to do it yet, but I WILL!

Use my Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram posts as tools to remind you of your new found journey and practice your meditation. In doing so you are preparing the way for yourself and for what you want to create in life.

Love, Judith

Sara White