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         What blocks you from moving forward and creating the life you want?


‘Many years ago in America Loggers would transport logs to the mills using the river system.  If twenty miles down the river all the logs got blocked then it was going to affect everything up-river’ 



      What blocks you from moving forward and creating the life you want?


In recognising the fears that block the flow of abundance in your live you can begin to work with your frightened inner child (subconscious mind) and move forward. What you have experienced in your childhood along with societal conditioning and learned behavioural patterns directly impacts your life right this minute.  Metaphorically speaking it is essential to unblock your river! 


ɕ’ If something negative is triggered within you, your subconscious will remind you in all sorts of negative ways.

ɕ This reminder becomes the resistance to moving forward.

ɕ Certain things will trigger and set you off.

ɕ Procrastination is fear and it can take over.

  - The Source: Connect with your inner power and create your own reality. 

Your fears are blocks standing between you and your desires. In other words, your fears stand in your own way. You will draw from the well of past negative experiences that lie deep within. You will pull them out and conjure these feelings up at will without even knowing you are doing so. The constant negative chatter in your head gets louder and louder. This becomes habitual and, unfortunately, in doing so blocks your desires from coming in to the physical.  


Listen to your thoughts and words -  this will give you a big clue to help you decipher whether you are in the negative or positive. 


Tools in your energetic tool box


The five practices — If you create a lot of negative feelings, you will continue to do so. You are creating a loop. This is based on what I call the spark. In other words, it is a perpetual emotional chain reaction. The spark works like this. You have an emotion, it leads to a feeling, which leads to the same emotion, and on it goes in a loop’.


So that you don’t spark endless loops of negativity, I would like to introduce you to the five practices and encourage you to use them in your everyday life, starting now. 


The Five Practices are:

1. I will practise standing on the balcony of my life. This means taking a step back and becoming the observer of my actions and reactions.

2. I will observe my thoughts, feelings, words, body language and actions.

3. I will look after my inner child. Hand on heart.

4. I will choose the emotions and the feelings I want to conjure up.

5. I will listen to my intuition, gut feelings or hunches. 


The Money Loop

Log Blocking River.jpeg

Here is a little example of a chain reaction. As a child your parents never had enough money, and you grew up feeling the tension associated with lack of money. You conjure up these feelings of lack easily as you are familiar with the feeling. This leads to the same emotion of fear around money, leading to the same feeling of fear and on and on it goes.  Well done you have created a lovely loop but it is a negative one and is keeping you blocked. All this means is you are creating fear around money, not creating money!


Now implement the 5 practices: 


  • Taking a mental step back, you observe the internal chatter playing over and over in your head about money.
  • This is your fearful inner child. Observe your body language and how you are feeling when issues of money arise.
  • Then, when you have caught yourself playing the same old record in your head, put your hand on your heart and begin to internally talk to your fearful inner child. Acknowledge the inner child’s fears first – don’t ignore them or push them away.


Then soothe the child. Gradually tell your inner child that you are now going to conjure up more a positive feeling; that you are open to creating something different. By doing this often and practising standing on the balcony you gradually change the constant negative chatter that is programming your subconscious mind. You are deliberately choosing more positive chatter that also programmes your mind. You are beginning to pick the emotions and feelings you want to conjure up’.

Well done!

You are now stepping toward becoming a more deliberate creator!

Philip Moyna