The Journey . . .

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Judith Mc Adam . . .  

I want to tell you about the journey and how I created momentum around my book The Source: Connect with Your Inner Power and Create Your Own Reality. It was 1987 before I went to work in the airline business. I did a brief computer course in Ely House, near Baggot Street, in the heart of Dublin City. I always arrived too early in the morning, so I would go for breakfast in a little café not far from Ely House. I was 18 at the time and used to sit with my little notebook, people-watching, and I would write. I would write about the people I saw in the café. I am an empath and have a natural ability to feel and perceive others intuitively. I have been doing this since I was a child. All my life I have relied heavily on my heightened sense of intuition. As a result, when I meet people, I automatically tune in to their energy



So there I was with nothing better to do but tune in to other people and write it all down. It was here I decided to write my book. I decided I wanted to be a writer and I had opened myself to the field of pure potential. It was a happy time in my life and I was very aligned with Source Energy. The idea was conceived. The spark of momentum had begun. How and when the idea was going to be born, I had no idea. I did not know the form it was going to take, the topic I was going to write about or how I would even get it published. All I can tell you is the story of how it has unfolded and gained momentum over 31 years.



But let me briefly trace it for you. Sometimes our creations have a very slow gestation period; other things can come instantaneously. This is due to many factors. When an idea is conceived it will come in to this reality when you are ready, when you have released all the resistance to it and fully aligned yourself with it. At that period in my life I was fully aware of Source Energy, intuition, feeling, knowing, decisions and expectations. But it took me a ‘couple’ of years to acknowledge and honour my inner child. She also put up a hell of a lot of resistance to me exposing my true self. This was coupled with the fact that I was not too au fait with momentum, receiving or allowing. I had to figure those out and put them all together. I was writing this book, but I didn’t consciously know it. Looking back on it now, I already had the first four chapters of the book but I was consciously unaware at that point. I was unaware that I was living out the chapters in my life, gathering the information for the pages over 31 years of living the content.



I never really mentioned the idea of my book to anyone. This was allowing the embryonic idea to mass and grow slowly. I knew deep down that it was there. It was safely embedded in the lining of the womb of my mind. There is no time limit on your ideas, no sell-by date, and no age limit either. Age doesn’t come into it. When you are ready and release resistance your desires come quickly; they just pop in and are borne out. It can be a very easy birth if you release resistance. Over the years I wrote a lot. I often stood on the balcony of my life, trying to figure out what my inner fearful child was doing and why. Momentum had gathered just enough to allow me glimpses of the general topic. Source Energy, infinite intelligence, and the field of pure potential had been my obsession all my life in many different ways. I still didn’t have the names for them, but I had the feeling and I built momentum around the feeling.



Now let me fast forward from 1987 through many exciting, action packed, happy and at times heart-breaking years. This book was conceived 31 years ago in Ely House in the heart of Dublin City and was laboured in another Ely House, this time in the suburbs of Dublin. Many of you have helped me through sometimes difficult labour pains and many more of you have helped me create positive momentum with Eason bookshop by ordering it on-line, for that I am truly grateful. Now on the 26th of April 2018 I will metaphorically speaking give birth to this book. I hope you will be at the birth!



I have over the years used myself as a case study in researching my book and during this month I will share with you my journey toward finally bearing my creation out into this physical reality. I am well aware now more than ever that during this month I will need all the tools in my energetic tool box. I know this journey toward the 26th April will trigger a lot of fears and as those fears come up I will share them with you. I will walk my talk and use myself again as a case study to demonstrate how to bring the 7 principles, outlined in The Source: Connect with Your Inner Power and Create Your Own Reality, into your everyday life. Come with me on the last stages of birthing my book and watch my thoughts turn into things…

Philip Moyna