Momentum, Receiving and a Return to Source

I know I create my own reality and I know I have the ability to choose the momentum I create.  So the day of the launch I was particularly mindful of the 5th, 6th and 7th principle in my book The Source, Momentum, Receiving and Return to Source Energy.  I wanted to spend some precious time with my daughter and a person who has championed me for the last few years, Ashley O’Rourke. Ashley is a leading make-up artist in Dublin and runs her own successful business in Howth.  She was also among the first group of clients who came to me when I started back in Dublin. This is someone who is in the foundations of my business and my book. Ashley has beautiful energy and so I thought there could be no better woman to start the day with.   

It was a treat for me and my daughter and I have to confess I had never gotten my makeup done professionally before! Then we popped into Surround also in Howth. Here Naomi Keatley added to the momentum of the day and kitted me out with some beautiful clothes for any interviews I may need to do in relation to the book. I was deliberately creating positive momentum around my special day and the launch of The Source.   So much so that when I arrived home to get ready my next door neighbours had been inundated with bouquets of flowers delivered when I was out. 

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Taking the journey of the book consciously has been an amazing and beautiful experience.  Standing on the balcony and seeing how momentum has gathered around it since June has been breath taking. When I was writing the book I opened myself up to Source Energy and the field of pure potential completely (through meditation.) It began to work in me, for me and through me. This energy guided every word in the book.  I got out of my own way, stepping through many fears (inner child work) and I just let that powerful energy ripple out from me.  Every single person along this particular journey has recognised and opened up to that same energy within them and added to the momentum of The Source. This magnificent energy rippled out to my children who are my world and to my family and friends. It continued to gain momentum and rippled out to all the employees of Gill Books, especially Teresa Daly along with Trailblazer Kathy Scott. Gaining momentum it resonated in the hearts of  Andrew Hyland and Kellie O’Rourke who openly gave powerful insights into their own lives in the book.

I absolutely love positive momentum and by the night of the launch it had powerfully gathered to such a degree that it was emanating and flowing through everyone.  Through all my clients over the years, all those who sent positive thoughts my way, all the powerful messages and all those who thought about me but couldn’t come that night. Source Energy most definitely emanated powerfully through each and every person who was in the Fumbally Stables last Thursday the 26th April. The energy in the Fumbally was magnetic only because of the culminating feeling emanating from each and every person along this journey. On Thursday this energy revealed itself in this physical reality through all the people at the launch.  Such a powerful, strong, heart-centred community of people around me I am truly blessed.  One person said to me ‘this is a room filled with beautiful energy and beautiful people’ and she was absolutely right. 

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The crystal clear momentum around The Source has not stopped gathering in fact it is only gaining in momentum. Emma and Ashely Kehoe along with many other people have opened themselves to this powerful Source Energy and now it is rippling through them and out even further. It is touching off other beautiful heart-centred people.  So much so that The Source is now No. 7 in the Eason book charts. This is powerful positive momentum and this energy is in each and every one of us! This week please, please, please, choose positive momentum in your life and see how it works its magic. 

No words can express my love, appreciation and joy to each and every-one including all those who will read The Source whom I haven’t met yet!

Judith x

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