How The Source is rippling…

I have been practicing standing on the balcony and watching how The Source has been rippling out from me.  Writing a book or creating anything in this world is a similar but much less important process, then like bearing a child into this world and seeing it grow up and move away from you.  You are forever connected to that child but as it grows older you let it forge its own way in the world. I am inextricably linked to The Source. It is beside my bed and each night I light a candle and put crystals on the book energetically sending love to all those people who will read The Source. It is also my way of showing appreciation. The book is now forging its own way, doing what it came into this world to do, touching who it needs to touch. Those people who are ready for great growth are finding their way to it and it is finding its way to them. I love Kahlil Gibran’s quote about children ‘they come through you but not from you, and though they are with you, yet they belong not to you’. This is how I feel about The Source.

People are reporting back to me how the book has made its way into their lives. I feel like a mother who is hearing back with great interest, on the progress of her child in the world.  Holly White told me a lovely story during the week of her trip to a very nurturing retreat in Portugal. She told me there was a beautiful library with many books from around the world.  Holly showed me a picture of the library and she told me that after she had read the book she left The Source in the library of this incredible place so that others may read it. This meant so much to me.  All those times I visualised sending energy to people I would never meet while I wrote the book was now being lived out in this physical reality. In my mind’s eye I immediately sent positive thoughts to those future people who would read it while on retreat and on it ripples.  See my blog April 15 on Visualisation brings your desires into this physical reality for more details). 

Here is another lovely story of how Source Energy is working through us all the time. There are no coincidences, remember what Carl Jung said ‘synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see’. I facilitated a Deliberately Create your own Reality workshop yesterday in Ely House.  One of the women who attended the course was telling me how she encountered The Source, the workshop and ultimately me. I had never met this woman before.  She said she is from Rathfarnham and has often driven passed Ely House and the other day commented that she must find out more about that place. Then shortly after that she was in a bookshop and saw my book on the shelf.  Her intuition, which is the voice of Source Energy, drew her to the book and she bought it.  While reading the book she decided to go on my website, she thought I was an American writer and she looked up my workshops, she saw the Deliberately Create your own Reality workshop and saw it was in Ely House, still thinking I was in America and it was an American Ely House, until she read the rest of the address.  Ely House, Rathfarnham.  She said she couldn’t believe it.  She completely listened to her intuition and signed up for the course straight away.  Then yesterday she sat in front of me and the beautiful group of people that gathered and recanted her story.  How she found The Source and how The Source found her!

If you have a lovely story about how you came to find The Source or how The Source found you please email it to me on

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