Lighten Up! Lose Weight from the Inside Out. 

I am really blessed to have a Powerful community of people around me all brilliant deliberate creators in their own right and I would like to invite you to join us.  I am pre-paving the way for a 3 month programme called Lighten Up: Lose Weight from the Inside Out on Sunday 10th June. This workshop is not just about losing physical weight.  In fact the emphasis is more on losing the heaviness we carry inside.  Remember whatever is going on deeply within us energetically, mentally and emotionally is reflected physically.    This 3 month programme offers copious amounts of support, reaching inward, healing and letting go of the baggage that weighs us down while also addressing our physical bodies.  

In my practice I see how we, as human beings form energetic, emotional and physical walls around us to keep us safe. We can all get very heavy on the inside at certain times in our lives or carry a lot of heavy duty stuff from our past. Either way we all express this in many ways, none of us are exempt.  Weight is just another way of sabotaging ourselves. Preventing us from fully stepping into who we really are! We are more than capable of letting all of these outdate files go.   

The Lighten Up 3 month programme includes:

  • Tapping into your subconscious mind using kinesiology and visualisation. Getting to the core of the inner heaviness and deep rooted fears that hold us back. 
  • An outline of the 7 principles of creating your own reality outlined in my book The Source: Connect with your Inner Power and Create Your Own Reality.
  • I am also a kinesiologist and will test your physical body very simply, to see what it is your body really needs and what foods your body can and cannot tolerate. A tailor made programme will be devised especially for you. Remember we are all unique and what is good for you may not necessarily be good for someone else. 
  • Continued support after the 3 month programme is finished is available.

What the three month program consists of:

  • One full day workshop at the beginning of your three month inner journey and one full day at the end.
  • Full weekly support via video links, virtual weight in’s (optional), food and nutritional testing (kinesiology), personalized food sheets.  

We offer a weekly video link with progress up-dates and encourage a weekly virtual weigh-in while you shed the inner heaviness. This will lead on to long term physical sustainable weight loss.

As I said earlier there is a community of deliberate creators around me, so I am delighted to welcome Lisa Hyland and Emma Kehoe who are two wonderful women in their own right. They will be working with me and the three of us will be walking the journey with you, welcoming you into this fantastic community of forward thinking people. Have a look at Emma Kehoe and Lisa Hyland and follow how they are getting on. 

This isn’t just a workshop that will tell you to do certain things, wind you up and let you go. What we are developing will become a way of life with plenty of support. This programme is based on love and support. We will be teaching you how to deliberately create your own reality not just around food but around other issues in your life. Lisa, Emma and I are a team of people committed to you, to minding you, helping you, encouraging and empowering you. 

It’s very exciting really for all three of us.  Looking forward to seeing you…

Judith x



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