You are Magnificent. You just have to believe it!

Ask yourself do you feel Limitless, Unconditional Love, Powerful, Strong and Abundant. If the answer to this is no then you simply don’t know who you are.  Source Energy expresses itself through your gifts and talents that is how it is seen in this world.  If you are not aligned with Source Energy and cannot truly see how magnificent you are you pinch yourself off from this wonderful energy. So you have an obligation to be your true powerful self. 

The ability to create your own positive life in awareness has been muted, suppressed and abused over centuries of learned behavioural patterns and conditioning. The result of societal conditioning has meant that females and males have been harnessed, enculturated and conditioned. We have relinquished trust in our own personal connection with Source Energy. We have deeply held convictions of ourselves, our bodies and our procreative potential which has been distorted and disfigured by social norms.  In the words of John O’Donohue “this corrupted the innocence of peoples’ sensual life and broke the fluency of their souls”. This was a gradual acquiescing of our capabilities of intuition, expression, love and personal power.  Sadly compromising our sexuality and wonderful ability to create and feel secure in this world. The old ways of being commodify people; women and men see themselves defined through the prism of someone else’s misguided understanding.

It doesn’t have to be this way, you are completely unique, like a snowflake you have your own exclusivity and when you embrace this wonderful Source from within you everything changes.  

The dawning of a new age can happen right now within you. Trust me when I tell you there is a lot more to you then you think.  You are the embodiment of Source Energy, you are Limitless, you are Powerful and you are Abundant in Health, Wealth, Joy and Happiness if you could start to allow yourself to think it. Remember if you can’t think it you can’t have it.

Source Energy does not instil fear, intrude or interfere.  It is a quiet observer, it allows and nurtures always pointing you in the right direction. Remember your intuition is the soft voice of Source Energy and this is your own internal Sat Nav if only you would listen to it. 

Source Energy is Dynamic not static.  You embody and can reflect this rich dynamic force if you can just step through your fears.  Your first steps toward this Energy inside you can happen right now, right this minute.  You can achieve this by your action to change and looking at your life through a new prism. If the seeing is right the actions will be right.  What you need is a new mysticism seeing the world through a new lens. This is what Alignment with Source Energy brings. 

Your first step is to make a F’ck it Decision right now and start seeing YOURSELF as an embodiment of Source Energy.  Start to allow yourself to think that there might be a whole lot more to you then meets the eye. That just maybe you are Limitless, Unconditional Love, Powerful, Strong and Abundant.  Decide today to get to know who you really are.  

Much love 


Sara WhiteComment