Deliberately Creating Your Own Reality

Imagine standing in a green field on a summer day.  The sun is shining and there is a soft warm breeze.  Looking down at your hand you realise you are holding strings of kites.  As you look up, notice that you can’t see some of these kites.  They are too far away.  That doesn’t matter.  You feel happy because there are many kites now coming into your view.  These are your kites. Each kite holds one of your deep desires.  You have all the strings in your hand.  These kites represent your creations.  These desires could be for a lover, a child, more money or a better job.  You might want to create a big project or a new business.  It could be a desire to pass an exam or to create peace and joy in your life.  In fact, becoming aligned with Source Energy ensures better health, wealth, joy and happiness.  

No matter what your desires are, you have the strings in your hand.  The kite represents your desire and the string in your hand represents your connection to it.  The moment you had the desire you formed a connection.  That connection is irrevocable.  The kite of your desire is getting ready to land in this physical reality.  Provided you don’t block it with fear. 

Flying your kite is the process of bringing your idea in from a tiny speck of reality right into the physical world.  However, it is important to realise that, just like a kite, you have to allow your idea to dance and bob in the wind when it needs to.  This is what forms your creation.  This type of percolation gathers momentum.  You cannot just pluck this speck of an idea from the stratosphere of your mind and yank it into hard reality all in one fell swoop.  Sometimes you need to pull on the string.  At other times you will concede and let it fly, enjoying the process.  When you feel the line in your hand you can ease the string, slowing the descent to ensure a soft landing.  

A lot of people sense their creation as a speck in their mind’s eye and instantly want to bring it to fruition.  Depending on what you want to create and how good you are at it, this is not always possible.  Sometimes you can create instantaneously, but sometimes your creations need time to incubate, to grow: when they are ready they will be born into this reality.  It doesn’t have to take for ever.  The key is to keep aligning with Source Energy.  Then apply soft focus to your idea and clear the resistance.  This is mainly an internal process. A lot of people think they should be ‘doing’ something externally.  That’s not necessarily the case.  Your internal knowing and intuition will guide you to what you should be ‘doing’ externally.  It takes far less ‘doing’ and a lot more feeling and knowing.  Using your intuition to create your own reality is vital.  

This is one of the reasons why meditation is so important.  It clears the mind, allowing time for your kites to fly freely.  As you meditate, you gently release any resistance, as if you were calming the weather on a blustery day.   


If you want to learn how to deliberately create your own reality and bring all your kites into land I am holding a one day workshop on the 24th June. 

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