Creating Little Pockets…

I decided to play with the 7 principles outlined in The Source: Connect with Your Inner Power and Create Your Own Reality desiring more joy, happiness, ease, comfort, contentment and satisfaction in my life. After all, why not creating is limitless, Source Energy delights in what I create. There is no cap to the joy I can have in my life, only the limit I put on it myself and the same limitlessness applies to you too. So for the last two weeks, my inner child and myself (conscious and subconscious mind) have been deliberately creating what I call ‘ little pockets’ every day. We form loops or patterns in our subconscious mind between 28-90 days and every few seconds of internal chatter is adding to the loops. We can choose to create a positive loop or a negative loop it is entirely up to us. 

Through generations of conditioning we have gotten so used to creating big loops about ‘reaching for’ and ‘striving for’ joy and happiness instead of ‘experiencing it now’. For example, if we only had more money, then we would be ecstatic’. If we had a lover to share our lives with then we would be happy and would definitely practice working on our sacral chakra’. We perceive our desires will make us happy. So basically, we are left creating the ‘reaching for’ joy, happiness, health, wealth etc., instead of creating ‘experiencing it now’.  We are not creating momentum around joy we are brilliantly but sadly only creating momentum around the ‘reaching for it’ like a hamster on a hamster wheel.    

So, that is why over for the last two weeks I have added a new tool to my energetic tool box. I have made a f’ck it decision to deliberately create plenty of ’little pockets every moment I can. What are ‘little pockets I hear you ask? They are ‘little pockets of ease or the slithers of satisfaction or tiny moments of tranquillity, contentment, joy or happiness.  I am creating, observing and acknowledging some of these pockets throughout my day.  I was even posting some of my ‘little pockets up on Instagram purposely because it was helping me create momentum. Now, during the day it has become a game for my inner child, my inner child has started to form a loop, seeing how many ‘little pockets’ of joy and ease I could gather momentum around. You see that’s what the subconscious mind does, it loves to form a loop and it adores play and imagination. When I am creating, observing and acknowledging all my ‘little pockets’ then I am not stuck ‘reaching for them’ I am ‘experiencing them ‘ in the moment.


Little things to try…

  • Observe yourself as you have your cuppa sitting outside after work, put your face up to the sun and feel the breeze. Now tell your inner child ‘I am creating more of this feeling of ease right now f’ck it’!
  • Listening to the birds and feel the grass between your toes. Now tell your inner child ‘I am creating more of this feeling of freedom right now f’ck it’!
  • If you have children notice them having fun and allow yourself to join in. Now tell your inner child ‘I am creating more of this feeling of joy right now why not’!
  • Smile at someone and as they smile back tell your inner child ‘I am creating more of this feeling of happiness right now f’ck it’!
  • Get into your comfy bed at night and observe how it feels now tell your inner child ‘I am creating more of this feeling of comfort right now f’ck it’!
  • When someone gives you something nice like a hug, a helping hand, a gift, encouragement or money observe how it feels and tell your inner child ‘I am creating more of this feeling of abundance right now f’ck it’!

There are millions and millions of examples because abundance is coming to you every second. 

After practicing for a while notice all the different wonderful things that start to come into your life as a result and perhaps create more momentum around them by sharing them with me on Facebook…

Happy observing…

Judith x

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