Eros, sensuality, sexual attraction, desire and the Sacral Chakra…

I would like to introduce you to Eros the Greek god of sensuality, sexual attraction and desire. In mythology Eros is said to be one of the primordial gods responsible for the cosmos coming into being.  




Our sensuality and sexuality is magnificent and more often than not we ignore it, shut it down, or view it in the negative in some way or other.  Our limited vision of God and our distorted view of sensuality and sex have been created throughout history and creates a myriad of problems.  What is a huge part of the creative process has become very blocked and distorted within us.  In turn this creates blocks in your life and resistance to what you really want to create in your life. Becoming a deliberate creator means understanding that you ARE Source Energy and this energy emanates from every fibre of your being whether you know it or not.  Becoming intimate with Source and what lies within your own being means that you will have no problem creating intimacy with others if you so wish.   Intimacy with that powerful energy within you is liberation.  This liberation leaves you free to explore the different ways Source Energy expresses itself with in you.  One of the ways it does this is through your chakras.  The chakra I will be concentrating on this week is the Sacral Chakra.  

The sacral chakra is associated with sensual and sexual pleasure, creativity and fantasies, emotions and feelings. It is located about three inches below your belly button, at the level of the lumbar vertebrae and the reproductive organs. 

When your sacral chakra is balanced you have the ability to flow, to open yourself sensually and sexually, to experience oneness within yourself and with another human being. A blocked sacral chakra can cause rigidity and detachment.  When this chakra is blocked this seriously affects your creative flow and passion on all levels. 

The sacral chakra is motivated by pleasure.  This energy expresses itself through the senses, taste, touch, sight, smell and sound.  When you begin to open your sacral chakra you start to ‘feel’ the world both around you and in you.

Sacral Chakra is associated with a deep orange colour

Sacral Chakra is associated with a deep orange colour

Tantra is opening yourself up to a full relationship with your own life, opening your awareness to the present moment, to your senses and your emotions.   When you want to bring a lover into your life or create a closer relationship with your lover you have to start deep within yourself first. Starting with your own energy and conjuring up a feeling in your own sacral chakra is a really good place to start. 


Things you can do this week to start opening your Sacral Chakra... 

  • Your first step was reading this and bringing your awareness to your Sacral Chakra. You have created a spark so now add positive momentum to this every day and start to practice using your senses in all sorts of ways. By doing this you are deliberately creating positive momentum. 
  • Touch is a great place to start.  Close your eyes and gently run your own fingers lightly along your arm.  Do it so gently that you can feel the small hairs rise on your arm.  Caress our own face; gently feel your own beautiful cheeks with the back of your fingers.  
  • Listen to your breath just ebbing and flowing, ebbing and flowing, ebbing and flowing… 
  • When you are out and about during the week pay more attention to smell.  The scent of a flower or cut grass.
  • In an intimate moment approach yourself and your partner in awareness of your senses and with great reverence.  Sensuality and sexuality is a sacred space between two people, let this be regardless of how long you are in a relationship with someone.  The reverence you hold for yourself will be held for you and the other person.  

By starting  with yourself first you are bringing your awareness to touch, smell, sound, taste, sight, you are creating momentum. You are gradually heightening your senses, opening your Sacral Chakra and conjuring up positive sensual feelings, one little bit at a time.  It is like going to the gym -  start with the small weights first and gradually build up. 

Your sexual encounters can be far more sensual then you think. The ancient rhythms of mother earth are encoded within you. You are bound to mother earth and follow her sensuality through your touch, sight, taste, sound and smell.  

Sensuality delights in your senses, touch, sight, taste, sound and smell. So by practicing the small things you are kindling the fire of sensuality, desire and creativity and momentum begins to gather around this. 


Over the next few days I will pop a visualisation up on YouTube with regard to opening your Sacral Chakra so look out for it.  There is so much more to you then you think. Enjoy using your senses that’s what they are there for!


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