Ignite your Personal Purpose 5th August Clonlea Yoga Studio

I am really looking forward to the 5th August in more ways than one! This is a very special day for me and the momentum around this day is already gathering. As I write I can feel a flutter of excitement in my belly the area around my sacral chakra where all things are created. I am getting glimpses of some new kites of mine that have just appeared on the horizon and I feel the 5th August is an integral part of me ‘pulling in’ these kites to land (by kites I mean my desires).  I can’t think of anyone I would like to co-host a retreat with more than Kathy Scott.  My personal intention is to raise my vibratory frequency and in doing so perhaps take another big step forward in my own evolution.  I feel the Kundalini Yoga Kathy will be doing with us is going to be a big part of this. 

If you are participating in this day it is going to be a very Powerful Healing day clearing any blocks in your way and allowing you to step fully into ‘who you really are’ and your Personal Purpose in this life. This will propel you into releasing your true potential allowing it to ripple right out Powerfully from you. Get excited I know I am…

If you can’t attend this one day Urban Retreat, as I know there are limited places left, there will be more coming over the next few months and I will release information about them shortly. So, in the meantime trust me when I tell you, you are Powerful, Strong, Limitless, Unconditional Love and You are Abundant beyond belief you may not be able to see it fully yet, but you will! 

Much love 

Judith x

Sara WhiteComment