A poignant day for Ireland

We had a really beautiful day at Igniting your Personal Purpose in The Fumbally Stables last Sunday 26th August.  It was a day where we all gathered to Ignite or add more fuel to the fires of our own Personal Purpose in Life. Once you begin to do this then your Higher Purpose starts to tentatively come into view.  On Sunday each and everyone of us powerfully worked with Source Energy, Aligning and directing our subconscious mind with the one mind.  We did this individually but also collectively.

The collective consciousness is extremely powerful. You can tap into this collective consciousness at any time. In our collective tuning-in we sat together and co-created our own peaceful healing reality with Source Energy. In doing so, we begin to know and feel that abundance Igniting within us. Through our decisions to become deliberate co-creators, we were igniting many sparks of positive loops deep with our subconscious minds.  This will generate huge positive momentum around health, wealth, joy and happiness going forward for us all. 

Collectively it was a poignant day for Ireland on Sunday. As a nation we were all triggered in some way or other by the Pope's visit. Many people no longer buy into the traditional image of a patriarchal God. This image has become too distorted over time. This distortion has led to some people abandoning the concept of God altogether. Yet somehow people still feel their connection with Source Energy. No matter where you were on Sunday be it in The Fumbally Stables, The Phoenix Park or perhaps at home cuddled up on the coach, one thing is for sure, we all have access to this Infinitely Intelligent Energy, equally and without exception.  

My wish for you is that you begin to know how truly magnificent and precious you are as an extension of this wonderful energy no matter what name you give it. 

Love Jx


A few snippets from our retreat...

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