Creating Momentum and the Roller Coaster of your day!

Momentum? Momentum is the next day’s starting pitch’ Earl Weaver

In the morning just as you wake up is the best time to consciously create momentum around your day.  You have choice and upon waking you can decide to continue the momentum you had going the night before or create something different.

When you sleep momentum subsides much like the little car on the roller coaster when it is parked up for the night it is in a state of rest or inertia.  As you start off your day momentum is ignited.  The little car is beginning to move away from its docking station and slowly gather momentum for the ride head.  It’s going so slowly in fact, you question if it is moving at all. Gradually there is a small increase in speed, but none the less the momentum is gaining. As the direction of the ride changes and it starts to hurtle down slopes or curves there is a large acceleration in speed. Momentum has gathered, and the ride is in full swing. This is exactly what happens you on a daily basis.  As you move into your day you begin to generate more momentum.  If you have started your day off creating negative momentum then this is what will propel you forward during your day and this is what you will create in your day.  That is why it is so very important to create positive momentum first thing in the morning and also last thing at night. Not just for you but for those around you, especially if you are dealing with children.  

Here are some tools I use each morning immediately on waking, to create positive momentum to give you some idea of what I am talking about. 

  • Upon waking and before I get out of bed, I see my day as a big blank artist’s page.  I tell myself that I can sketch and draw anything I like on that lovely page for the day.  I don’t get to specific I just play.  First thing in the morning I inwardly play with the idea of what colours I want to use on the picture of my day.  I ask myself do I want a happy, bright picture or a sad, angry or boring picture.  Needless to say the answer is always a beautiful picture. I have gently made my decision to have a good day, the tone of what I am creating has been set, and momentum has started. 

  • My routine over the years has always been a shower first thing, but now I see this as a big tool in my tool box.  I view my shower in a completely different way than before.  I appreciate the hot water on my back and the clean fresh feeling it gives me adding to the positive momentum I am mindfully creating.

  • Before I leave my room I meditate for 15 minutes this is powerfully adding to the momentum of my day.

  • After my meditation I direct my subconscious mind, using the tool of the Inner Child, directing my mind to what I want it to do and it’s always for my highest good and the highest good of all concern.  

I have created a loop around the very beginning of my day. It is a positive loop with plenty of positive momentum.  I have been doing this for a while now, and trust me it has made such a massive difference in my life and what I create. It is easy to do and doesn’t take long; it’s more about staying more mindful about what you are doing. 

Why not slowly over a period of a few weeks create your own positive loop at the very start of your day. It really isn’t the big things that we do, it is the little things consistently and positively that create positive loops and momentum. But it is these little things that are leading into the big positive things!

Much love,


Sara WhiteComment