Deliberately Create Your Own Reality this week…

You are beginning to open to the idea that you can deliberately create our own reality. You are creating your own reality anyway but now you have decided to create your reality through more awareness and much more positivity. Some of you may still feel like you are fumbling around in the dark and some of you may be getting glimpses of light, while for others it may be clearer.  These are just various stages of momentum.  If you feel like you are fumbling keep going, keep using your tools, it will unfold.  But if you just throw it there then you will only create stop/start momentum, so just take a few steps everyday… 

There can be no creating anything if you are pinched off from Source Energy. So, by meditating and visualising you have decided to consciously Align your mind with the one mind of Source Energy. This allows the doorway to open wide into the field of pure potential where you can create what you desire in life. You are beginning to listen to your intuition which is the voice of Source Energy. You know just a few seconds of positive or negative internal chatter starts to program your subconscious, and it takes between 66–90 days to reprogram. So, befriending your Inner Child which represents your subconscious mind and ‘standing on the balcony’ observing when you have been triggered while comforting this Inner Child, will give you the opportunity to form new more positive loops.

Adding to this you have decided to influence your subconscious mind even more with your positive F’ck it decisions. Making these positive F’ck it decisions on a habitual basis starts to form new loops. The Subconscious mind doesn’t understand language, but it most certainly understands a feeling and F’ck it Decisions are priceless because they carry with them a powerful punch. So, take out your journals today and write some of your F’ck it decisions down! I do this regularly.  Even during the day, I say inwardly ‘F’ck it, I can do this, or F’ck it I will do that’. Just make sure your F’ck it decisions are all positive!!!!

Much love,

Judith x

Sara WhiteComment