Become a deliberate creator, raise your consciousness and create new pathways…

This piece from Neuroscientist David Eagleman is really worth looking at. Anna my project manager brought it to my attention during the week and I thought it was brilliant.  Eagleman talks about creating new senses for humans in the form of sensory substitution for blind people ‘seeing through their tongue’ and sensory substitution for deaf people, direct perceptual experiences of hearing. This is done through feeling and vibration. Have a look at the clip and it will give you some idea just how infinitely intelligent we are as human beings if only we knew it!

He is a man after my own heart he is working with feeling and vibration and so am I. Each day in my practice I work with this subtle yet powerful energy that lies within each and every one of us.  Indeed, we are all using this energy all the time. However, this has become so automatic for us we don’t even realize we are doing it. We are unconsciously unaware of the power that lies within and we are most certainly not directing it. It is much like having access to the power of the wind and not knowing or using it to create electricity.  

The brain can create new neural pathways. New ways of seeing your umwelt, or your surrounding world.  Your brain doesn’t care where it gets its information from, or whether it is positive or negative. As David Eagleman says it just takes this information and figures out what it is going to do with it.  Eagleman works with this concept on the macro or on a large- scale using technology.  I work with this energy on the micro using this vital energy that’s within us all. No technology is necessary you have all you need deep within the recesses of your mind.  You just have to find ‘new pathways.’


How do we find new pathways?

You can broaden your umwelt or surrounding world using the tool of meditation. Your mind is limited but when you open your mind to the one mind of Source Energy you are limitless. The microcosm and the macrocosm are interconnected.  I help people to deliberately create their own reality using meditation, visualization, feeling, knowing and f’ck its decisions. Why not make a f’ck it decision to become a deliberate co-creator? For more information on how to deliberately create your own reality see The Source: Connect with your Inner Power and Create Your Own Reality.

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