Hakuna Matata

Emerging from the somewhat slower pace of summer into the mayhem of September can be a shock to the system for most parents.  Try not to be too hard on yourself over the next week or two, you need that readjustment period more than you think. ‘Hakuna Matata’, no worries, just keep in mind September is one of those months that brings with it a lot of change and with every great change there is also great fear. Once you know this then you can pre-pave the way for yourself and your family. You might have very young children starting primary school with all the trials and tribulations that brings. New little uniforms, school bags and lunch boxes bring with them a brand-new routine. Things can be a bit all over the place in your house as you try to juggle getting everyone up and dressed in the morning, not to mention lunches, water bottles and tears. Leaving your child in the school yard for the very first time as they grip vehemently to your leg refusing point blankly to go in can become a nightmare for you for a while.  Trying to extract yourself from a terrified child can leave you completely ruffled so try not to panic, this is all normal and things will settle down, step yourself through it gently.

Or you could find you started this summer off with a 12 or 13-year-old child just finishing primary school and now find yourself with a fully-fledged adolescent. Entering first year in secondary school isn’t as easy as you might think and your ‘fledgling’ has yet to negotiate her/himself around a new school, timetables, heavy school bags and more importantly FRIENDS. This is both a wonderful time but a time when great care and attention is necessary. The first year in secondary school is more about settling in than academia so patience is required from mum and dad, ‘Hakuna Matata’, no worries.

And then again you might be the parent who has successfully negotiated yourself and your teenager around the mine field of leaving certificates and CAO forms. You might have even survived the points system and all the anxiety that brings only to wave good-bye to your teenager and now, low and behold, watch as your young adult sets off to college, new courses or maybe even a brand-new job.  And here we go again! Susi grants, student accommodation, new friends, insecurities, money issues, and on and on it goes. ‘Hakuna Matata’, no worries.

Yes, ‘Hakuna Matata’, no worries, September is one of those months that brings with it a lot of change. It sees the harvest where you reap what you sow. You maybe reaping the rewards of all your nurturing, caring and attention while seeing your precious little toddler grow into a child and take some tentative steps away from you to go to primary school. You did that, you equipped that child with all the child needs to make those changes. You maybe reaping the rewards of 8 years of primary school and all the rearing, tending and minding as you see your child blossom into a teenager and take even more steps into their own lives. You did that, every single hour of everyday you watched over that child while it grew.  Or you maybe reaping the rewards of all your mentoring, guiding and loving through 6 years of secondary school as you stand back and watch your baby, because they will always be your baby, transform from a teenager to a young adult. You did that, it was all your loving, kindness and caring as a parent that fed that precious human being to the point where they could stand in their own power.   

It’s the circle of life, so when you see the Harvest Moon on the 14th of September and when you gaze up to that night sky really appreciate what you have done and are doing as a parent, be easy on yourself and give yourself a pat on the back because you really and truly deserve it.

It's the circle of life
And it moves us all
Through despair and hope
Through faith and love
'Til we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the circle
The circle of life

The Lion King

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