Liberate Yourself this Summer

Make a big F’ck It Decision right now to liberate yourself this summer.

This summer why not reveal your sassy nature while standing in your own power expressing yourself with unbounded love and vitality! Sounds good doesn’t it. But in reality, most of us are triggered by shedding layers of clothes used to hide the other ‘layers’ we won’t talk about! The thoughts of getting into swimwear while trying frantically to whip our bodies into some kind of shape fit for the human eye can be overwhelming.  With a razor in one hand and a bottle of fake tan in the other it is easy to descend into feeling inadequate, insecure, unattractive and not good enough. If this is beginning to be your ‘normal summer loop’ I beseech you to create something different this year you have nothing to lose.

Let us deliberately create this summer together and manifest these hazy days directed by your higher self and not one that is led by fear. Make a big F’ck It Decision right now to liberate yourself this summer. Let’s take a sabbatical from the feeling of being overweight or worrying about cellulite and lack of muscle tone. F’ck It there is more to life than that. Let’s consciously change the internal negative chatter that keeps us bound to inadequacy. I know this might seem like a big ask but you can do it and what’s more we will do it together.  Here are some tools that when practiced regularly will help you to release your magnificent self and live the life you were born to lead. You might need your journal for this or a pen and paper will do.


-          Look in the mirror and constantly criticize yourself, decide to stop that right now instead when you catch a glimpse of yourself look deeply into your own eyes and see the preciousness of who you really are looking back at you. See your inner child. For example, if a child was standing in front of you and you were constantly berating this little one how would you think that child would feel? Do you think a child who was continuously scolded could function with joy in its heart?  I would lay money on it that most of us are completely guilty of verbal child abuse! Off-course this abuse is directed inwardly, but it doesn’t make it right. You can’t really expect to be treated with care and respect or even attract a lover into your life if you can’t treat yourself with love and respect first. 


Write in your journal:

  F’ck It I have decided to find something to praise myself about when I look in the mirror. (Remember it has to be believable to impress upon your subconscious mind, so if you have beautiful hair then focus in on that or if you have lovely eyes use that. Look for the positives about your appearance and you will find them, no buts)!


F’ck It I have decided to STOP abusing my inner child. (Remember to get a picture of yourself as a child and put it as your screen saver on your phone or beside your bed to remind you to be good to this inner little one).


Make a list of all the positive things about yourself as a child. Were you a kind and considerate child or were you a little money who loved to climb trees? Search your memory and find the good points - they are there waiting to be unearthed.


-          Looking outward at all the beautiful, tanned, extra slim people on social media. Instead start to look inward at how magnificent you are.  Make a F’ck it Decision not to look or read anything that makes you feel deficient or unattractive this summer. If you are looking at magazines or the TV at all the gorgeous women and men who seem to have it all and you feel frumpy, dowdy or not good enough then this is metaphorically like smoking 100 cigarettes its simply is not good for you and it is actually blocking your way forward. If it doesn’t make you feel good then don’t do it. F’ck It.

Write in your journal:

F’ck It I have Decided to take a sabbatical from looking at anything on social media that doesn’t make me feel good about myself.

F’ck It I have Decided it is my sole mission this summer to feel good all the time.

F’ck It I Chose to Feel good about myself.

Start working with your own chakra system to release the radiance that’s inside you.  Your subconscious mind loves visualisation and reacts to feeling, it doesn’t matter if it’s a positive or negative feeling it will react one way or the other. But you have Choice in how you programme your mind. Practice some sort of positive visualisation every day. For example, the visualisation Open Powerful Doors Within and The Inner Child on my website or YouTube channel are ideal for this. By practicing often, you begin to form new loops in your subconscious mind, ones that open you up instead of closing you down. There is no point in looking a million dollars unless you feel like it first.

I believe in you. I know without a shadow of doubt how magnificent you are.  How do I know this? Do you realise in the history of the world there has never ever been anyone quite like you, YOU are unique and you are very special don’t just take my word for it ask your inner child.

With much love,


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