Are you using Momentum in your life, or is it using You?

I want to check in on how you are getting on Deliberately Creating Your Own Reality so far this year! I know some of you would like to bring in more health and happiness, a lover, children, more money, a new job, move house or country, or maybe even do the lot! So, I thought I’d keep my eye on how you are getting on. Like ‘mother hen’ I want to make sure you are listening to your own internal sat nav, which is your intuition, and you are going in the right direction.

Let’s press the pause button for a moment and have a look at what type of momentum you are creating so far in 2019. Before you answer the questions below, have a look at why momentum is vital in helping you manifest your own abundant reality, creating what you want in your life in awareness.

-          Anything that is in motion has momentum. It has a beginning and then it slowly builds up force and speed, expanding and gathering all the time, just like a roller coaster. This includes your thoughts, words and actions.

-          You are generating many different types of momentum with your creations all the time.

-          You can create Positive Momentum, Negative Momentum, Stop/Start Momentum or No Momentum at all.

-          What type of momentum you create around your desire is what will manifest in your life.  Remember, if you plant a potato you will grow and harvest potatoes. Equally, if you create negative momentum, and feed this negative momentum, it will grow and you will harvest the fruits of your labours.  

It is very important to recognise what kind of momentum you are creating. So, get out your journal or your notes on your phone, now list all the things you want to create in 2019.

For example, do you want to write a book, loose a few pounds, bring in a relationship for yourself, buy a new car or go on a holiday? List all the things you want to create one after another. Don’t hesitate just write your list. Don’t think about how you are going to do these things for the moment just allow yourself to think about it. No matter what you want to create in life you have to let yourself think about it in a fun way, remember your thoughts create momentum. For example, if you don’t allow yourself to think about having more money how are you going to create positive momentum around money.  All you will create is no momentum at all and no money!

You may want to buy a car, but you shut the idea down instantly because you can’t think how you will get the money. Well stop doing that! Make a F’ck it decision right now around everything on your list. Say it out loud, ‘F’ck it I will get a new car, I don’t know how I’m going to do that yet but I will.

Now look at your list and ask yourself, ‘what type of momentum am I creating, is it positive, negative, stop/start or is there any momentum at all! Then make a F’ck it decision around each thing on your list.

We create our own reality all the time but we mostly do it in unconscious unawareness. With just a little practice you will begin to consciously create your desires rather then it being ‘hit or miss’. My Deliberately Create Your Own Reality workshop on the 10th of March is for beginners or for those who want to recap. Join me because I can promise you it will be one of the best things you can do for yourself in 2019. We will spend the day together opening your mind and your heart to the field of pure potential, creating copious amounts of F’ck it decisions and  positive momentum around what you want to create in your life.  

F’ck it listen to your intuition!

See you there,


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