Open Powerful Doors Within

This month sees me releasing a new and very powerful visualisation, it is one that I am very excited about and I hope you will get as much out of it as I am.  Before I release a visualisation, I spend months using myself as a case-study practicing it every day conjuring up the ‘feelings’ within me. The reason why I practice ‘feeling’ in this way is because our subconscious mind loves a ‘feeling’.  Repeatedly visualising with ‘feeling’ impresses upon my subconscious mind, allowing me to create a new loop or neural pathway in my brain.  I am consciously doing this. Purposely deciding what I want to create in my life and deliberately impressing upon my mind. Remember, everything is created energetically first, then mentally/emotionally until it eventually appears on the physical.

I journal the results I get from the visualisation on all levels of my being. I observe how it makes me feel over a period of time, what are the changes mentally or emotionally within me and what changes occur both in my physical body and in my life in general.

When I can ‘feel’ the power of the visualisation working within me and gaining momentum the next step is to practice it with my clients and take note of their reactions, releases and changes. It is absolutely fascinating to see the results. Some clients have big releases while they are with me and some, like me, practice it daily for a month or two. They all report huge changes in their lives and over a short time these changes ripple out into their physical realities too.  Speaking of ‘Ripples’ this is exactly how I created my book The Source: Connect with your Inner Power and Create your own Reality. I visualised this book into being. Long before it was published, I visualised Source Energy rippling in me, for me and through me and out to everyone who would read this book, all the people I would probably never physically meet.

So, what’s this latest visualisation all about? Well, it is a Chakra visualisation, about opening up all the powerful doors that lie within you.  What lies behind these doors? All your own unique glorious gifts and talents, before you put yourself down, YOU do have them and they are limitless. 

For example, when visualising the red door of the Root Chakra you see huge roots much like that of a mighty oak tree spring from you, anchoring you into the earth, holding you steady, strong and secure. This fabulous energy grounds you preparing to hold you securely as you grow abundantly.  Your roots are also capable of releasing negativity into the earth where it is transformed and these roots draw powerful energy from the crystals and diamonds in the bedrock right back into every cell, organ and gland in your body. 

There are more sassy secrets behind the orange door of the Sacral Chakra. On opening this portal, you release your creativity, sexuality and sensuality, flooding your mind and body with creative power that is unsurpassed, giving birth to all your ideas and turning thoughts to things.  This chakra is also very important if you want to a create life!!

Now before I give the game away altogether you will just have to listen to the visualisation to find out what lies behind all seven of these doors of yours! Personally, I have had huge results especially in my root chakra, sacral and solar plexus allowing me to work on some fantastic projects that I am birthing at the moment. I have also had a strengthening in my lower back on a physical level too.  I have had some major results with my third eye chakra which is gaining momentum as I do Reiki and I have noticed an increase in my intuitive abilities. I can promise you this is a good one, so have a listen and if you want really good results try to practice it every day for a month or two  either by listening to the visualisation or seeing it in your own minds eye.

Please let me know how you get on…

Much love,

J x

To listen to the visualisation, go to the visualisations page on my website

DECIDE Visualisation Workshop, Sunday 18th May, 3pm to 6pm, Ely House, 1 Nutgrove Avenue, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14.

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