Raise Your Vibration

When you want to consciously create anything in your life it is really important to keep your vibration high. Joy, fun and play will help to keep you Aligned with that great big energy I call Source.  Anger, resentment, stress and being overwhelmed will only lower your vibration, pulling you down and blocking your way forward. We all get caught up in some kind of stress each day that is part of life and not something you should beat yourself up about.  But the trick is not to create to much momentum around the negative stuff and you can do this by consciously guiding yourself back to something a bit more positive.

Depending on what has upset you, bringing yourself back into a more positive mindset can take five minutes, an hour or a couple of days and sometimes months or years. But, being aware there are tools that will help you to shift your vibration and using them deliberately is half the battle.  There are many tools in your energetic tool box that you can use to raise your vibe and allowing yourself to play, laugh and have a bit of fun daily are the best tools I know to do this.

At the moment I am getting ready to land more lovely kites and so are Emma Kehoe and Shireen Langan. I know that bringing as much play into my life will speed up the process not only for myself but for these two lassies as well, so that is what we are doing every Sunday night.


The whole idea of the seven-week radio show ‘Living your Best Life’ was created by allowing ideas to flow. These ideas started with myself and Shireen then they became so infectious that we roped Emma into it as well. That’s what I call positive momentum! When the three of us met up one Sunday Evening a couple of weeks ago we became giddy with all sorts of possibilities and we allowed those intuitions (because that’s what were) to flow unreservedly. One of the reasons why we received these intuitions easily was because we were like mischievous children playing and having fun with each other.   When we came together like this our high energy brought us into Alignment. When we got these intuitions, we acted on them instead of blocking them with fear. We made F’ck It Decisions!  

Our thinking behind these Seven Weeks is to bring You on the journey with us. To have some summer fun together while leading you through the seven principles to deliberately create your own reality and ‘Living your best life’. To step with you and begin to explore your personal and higher purpose, opening you up to Source, Alignment, Feeling and Knowing, F’ck It Decisions, Momentum, Receiving and them back to Source again completing the circle. We are three weeks into it and so far, so good, listenership has even gone way up!

Decide to be a part of this midsummer journey with us. Have a little listen on Sunday nights at 11:30 pm on the Shireen Langan Show, it’s a free and easy way to consciously and positively raise your vibration opening doors for all sorts of good things to manifest in your life.

If you have missed a few episodes you can listen to the Podcasts


See you Sunday, Jx

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