What's going on in the lead up to SOUL

I can’t tell you how excited myself and Anna are for SOUL on the 10th November. Talk about raising your vibration - just being in the ‘buzz’ of such positive momentum as it gathers is fantastic.  Lisa Phillips who is doing restorative, slow-moving yoga has been into me busily organizing yoga mats and bolsters. Whilst Marian Kilcoyne from The Pepper Pot Cafe has sent through a lovely mouth-watering vegetarian menu. Carmel Meegan has been trying out different recipes for ‘healthy snacks’ and not so healthy cakes and myself and Anna have had the ‘desperate’ job (not) of trying them all out!! Cat Dowling also popped in discussing the beautiful music she will be playing on the day and each time I visit Sam Taylor for my by-weekly acupuncture session we invariably talk about SOUL and what she intends to bring to the day.  The Reiki Masters who will be looking after everyone will be me, Anna Fahy, Carmel Meegan, Kayrin Connery, Karolina Szemerda, and Sam Taylor and I can tell you now I would be the first one to jump at the chance of being looked after by these warm-hearted, caring ladies.  

The venue is gorgeous and Roisin who runs Orlagh House couldn’t be nicer. Set in the foothills of the Dublin mountains this Gregorian mansion with its fabulous view of Dublin City along with forests and rolling fields is the perfect place to be nurtured.  I can see it already in my mind's eye, the fire blazing, warm teas, blankets, and deep healing. What better way to spend an autumn Sunday then to plow under and gently let go of the outside world for just one day of nourishing your tender SOUL. I intend to light as many candles as I can and thoroughly spoil all those coming on the day, I LOVE IT. I am bringing my very large kit bag full of energetic tools such as oils and crystals, but meanwhile, Anna and I are busy ordering goodies to put in the gift bags we have for our beautiful guests.

If you can’t make SOUL or couldn’t get a ticket (there were limited places and it sold out very quickly)  I am holding another day retreat in December called ‘Write our Book of 2020’ designed to deliberately pre-pave and create the way forward for you, writing your own story for 2020 and what you want to make manifest in your life.  This is particularly important this year as we are heading toward a brand new decade!!

These retreat days are full of healing, moving forward, play, fun, imagination and most of all LOVE for all those who attend. We are all looking after each other while we move forward into our abundant future.

With much love,



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