The Art of Nourishment

Appreciation is so important in the art of deliberately creating your own reality and there really is so much for me to be thankful for.

Myself and Kathy Scott co-hosted a two-day retreat in the Elbow Room in Co. Wicklow last weekend and it really was something very special. Over the last seven or eight years I have created a wonderful way of living which I am profoundly appreciative of. This life choice allows me to spend time with people in a very real and heart-felt way and this weekend brought this to a whole new level.

Myself, Kathy and a group of wise women took ourselves off to the foothills of the Wicklow mountains and hibernated in snug cabins while deliberately creating our own reality and withdrawing from the ‘maddening crowd’.  Each day I lit roaring fires in an old white-washed stone building and there in that little cocoon illuminated with candles, flames and shadows deep healing took place. Each person allowed themselves precious time to pre-pave the way not only for the final month of 2018, but they started to open the way forward for themselves seeking and finding inspiration to deliberately create their own reality in 2019. By retreating into the heart of nature and grounding themselves in Mother Earth they gave themselves the gift of rooting themselves before rising up again. This is why I referred to this wonderful group of women as ‘wise’. By taking the time to stop and Aligning themselves with who they really are, gave them the opportunity to review anything overlooked, letting go of any stresses that could have the potential to slow them down or block their way forward.  

 We shared the most intimate healing experiences. We created ‘time out’ to Nourish our souls, wrapping ourselves in comfy blankets, soothing our worries away with warm comforting oils, deep healing techniques and Yoga. We also ate very well and laughed a lot especially when submerged in a hot tub in the depths of winter while sipping hot drinks and eating toasted marshmallows and Smores (Marshmallows and chocolate biscuits), there was no sugar in any of that!

 This December really try to nourish, nurture and comfort yourself so that when you do get time off at Christmas you can hibernate, replenish and enjoy rather crash. Keep an eye out on my Instagram and Facebook posts for tips to mind yourself during this busy month.


Anna FahyComment