The Promise...

As this is my first blog post of the year, I decided I wanted to reiterate My Promise, the one I make at the front of my book The Source: Connect with Your Inner Power and Create Your Own Reality. This promise is very important to me and I made it to myself first, then I went public with it and made it to all those who could consciously hear me.  I was contemplating on this promise while I was doing my internship for college in Jampa Ling, a Tibetan Buddhist Retreat Centre in Co. Cavan. On reflection this promise is really my mission statement and I believe and live every word of it to the best of my ability. The first line reads:

It is possible to DELIBERATELY CREATE what you desire in life.

Well this is absolutely true. When I came back to my home town of Dublin in 2010, I was really and truly at rock bottom. I love J.K Rowling’s quote when she says ‘rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life’. The Seven Principles were borne out of my struggles and they became my ‘solid foundation’ on which I rebuilt my life and I can only say what a foundation, it has been a fantastic 9 years. In those years I watched myself as I stepped out of my own way and stepped through some serious internal and external hardships and fears.  I used these principles as I reared my fantastic children and they grew into strong powerful people. I saw my twin boys turn into men, get their degrees and go on in their studies. I watch as my beautiful baby girl blossomed and grew and is now at that turning point going from teenager to adult.  I observed as I went from not having two cents to rub together to an abundance that is only growing. Doors opened and I found myself doing a 4-year honours degree in Theology. More doors opened and I am now doing a Masters in Trinity.   I looked on as I built a wonderful working practice around these Seven Principles and watched in awe as the Seven Principles that I was blessed to receive rippled their way out into the world in the form of my book The Source. Although really it is not my book it just came through me, I was just the channel for it.

I love positive momentum, I have not only seen my own life and that light in me go from a little flicker to a radiate beam, but I have watched my children and all my clients some who have been with me for years now, go through the same process in many different ways in varying degrees. In my promise I say ‘there are people actually doing it all the time, by which I mean Deliberately Creating their own reality. I am talking about my clients here.  They are my Anam Cara, they are magnificent people who are coming to the same realisations that I did. They are beginning to see they are an INTEGRAL PART OF THE UNIVERSE they know they have access to infinite intelligence and realise they have an energetic, mental and emotional reality and NOT JUST A PHYSICAL REALITY. My wonderful clients whom I have nothing but the height of respect for and bow my head to, are where THE DIVINE AND HUMAN MEET. As is every single person on this planet if only we truly realised it. But I now realise as do all the wonderful people who come to me that this union between the divine and human within is where our DESIRES ARE CONCEIVED. Your desires are nurtured in your mind and are borne out into PHYSICAL REALITY.

In my promise I say ‘You have a PERSONAL PURPOSE and a HIGHER PURPOSE in this lifetime’ and I reiterate my promise when I say you really do. I have begun to see how that inner light of Source Energy works in me, for me and through me out to everyone else and some of my clients are now beginning to see that for themselves.  We are continuously CHANNELLING ENERGY. EVERYTHING we WANT is available to us.

Now we know how to access this powerful Source Energy and realise that we are co-creating with this energy all the time all we have to do is practice it, maintain alignment with it, enjoy it, play with it and be very abundant. Don’t stand in your own way that energy really needs to express itself through you and when you allow it to everything in your life changes. It not only benefits you, it benefits all those around you and there is no limit to how far you can ripple out.

Nowadays, the doors are not just opening but flying open, I even have my wonderful Anna who is my gemstone. Life is one big huge magical journey. Yes, it has its sad, fearful, angry, upset moments, and with growth there is always fear but that’s a part of the journey and it is this that helps us grow.

With much love and heartfelt thanks to start our fabulous year,


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