True Freedom and Liberation

International Women’s day is a powerful and important day for women and women’s rights all over the world.  But would you believe none of the Laws of the Universe distinguish between women and men not one! 

According to the Universe there actually is no inequality, there never has been. It doesn’t exist in the one Universal Mind of Source. How liberating is that!

However, inequality unfortunately is a mental construct that was born from generations of conditioning and learned behavioural patterns of which both sexes, female and male, have suffered greatly. Inequality is what happens when we view ourselves through the narrow lens of a confused interpretation of ‘God’ being made in the image and likeness of man.  This has severely affected our relationships with each other. It has warped our tantric intimacy, effected the innocence and beauty of our procreative process and stands in the way of how we see, and communicate with each other. It also causes conflict in our working relationships and these are only the minor issues! The, need for domination and control is only born out of fear. Are we really that afraid of each other?

International Women’s day is a great start but we can deliberately create something even better. Understanding, healing and letting go of the past means we gain true freedom and liberation for both sexes. By, acknowledging our connection with Source and who we really are in relation to that powerful energy brings us all to a greater understanding of the Laws of the Universe, rather than man-made laws.

By aligning with each other rather than aligning with the differences that keep us apart and by mindfully exploring the effects of learned behavioural patterns and the power of our subconscious mind we can use our thoughts to bring us closer together rather than tear us apart.

When we begin to understand how to deliberately play the game of life together, we can then move forward into something far more powerful and create positive momentum about what’s next in our joint evolutionary process.

The collective consciousness of the women and men of Ireland, has always been one step ahead, from female presidents to same-sex marriage we are constantly at the leading edge.  The peoples of this little island, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, colour of skin or religion never fail to align themselves with the calling of the Source that lies within.

Join me on the 8th of March in Bewleys on Grafton Street, at 7:30pm, for a lovely evening that I am CO-hosting with Positive Life Magazine, entitled Deliberately Co-Creating Gender Balance.

See for further details and ticket booking.

I would love to see you there,


Anna FahyComment