The Promise…


‘It is possible to deliberately create what you desire in life. There are people actually doing it all the time…’

‘This blog is designed especially for you. You are the most important person here and week by week I am going to introduce you to the Seven Principles that are outlined in my book The Source, this is available from bookshops in April. The book is one of many tools I will be introducing you to. Together we will open up a magical energetic tool box to help you create your desires and bring them into this physical reality. I will provide daily support for you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, along with free meditations on the meditation page of this website. I would be honoured to walk a little bit of your journey, into the art of deliberately creating with you, if you will allow me to…’ 

‘Malachite is a Stone of Transformation, assisting you in changing situations and allowing deep growth and abundance of health, wealth, joy and happiness’

‘Malachite is a Stone of Transformation, assisting you in changing situations and allowing deep growth and abundance of health, wealth, joy and happiness’

Tuning in and creating your comfort zone.

Now let me help you to create your comfort zone preparing the way for you to receive the information in these pages. This is your time now and this is a very important tool in your tool box.  You are giving yourself space to develop your own awareness. This is the first step. Be patient sometimes you need to slow down to go faster. Let us start by energetically bringing you into your own five senses; sight, sound, touch, hearing and taste.  You are a very intuitive human being and getting more in touch with your senses allows you to tune in and pick up the subtle signs and intuitions available to you all the time. This will also make the information held in these pages more accessible to you.  You are now starting to work deliberately with your conscious mind and subconscious as well. This is an integral step toward deliberately creating. 

Let us start to tune you into your third eye chakra. This is the seat of your intuition.  Gently relax your jaw and ease the tension in your forehead. You want to allow yourself to relax. Becoming easy with yourself enables you to tune in to Source Energy and the field of pure potential. Bring your attention to your third eye chakra between your physical eyes on your forehead. If you have any lavender oil massage a small drop into this area.  Now close your eyes and place inward focus on your third eye chakra, softly visualising the colour purple.  Listen to your beautiful breath. Just like the tide it is ebbing and flowing, ebbing and flowing, ebbing and flowing…


‘I was expecting you, you are welcome…’


‘When people walk through the door of my practice and workshops they think they are entering as strangers, but not to me. Unbeknownst they have already created their visit somewhere in the recesses of their minds and by the time they are standing in front of me it is being born out into reality.  I have honed my craft and have the ability to see their pure potential. It is their higher self that arrives to me, eager to be recognised and released. Their intuition has led them to me and they have listened to that soft voice that whispers constantly inside them.

They are instinctively drawn to me because they are ready to unleash their pure potential, to release that big person that lies within. They are now ready to ripple from the inside out. 

Sometimes when we look into the mirror we only see ourselves through our generational conditioning. Life is filtered through our old wounds and fears. For the large part we are in unawareness of this and we create our reality based on this distorted reflection. 

When people make their connection with me they are ready to enter the mystical realm of deliberately creating their own reality, ready to mindfully create what they want in their lives. This is because they are starting to see themselves as multidimensional. They recognise their physical reality is only one part and not the whole of ‘who they really are’. 

When you are willing to see the real reflection of your Self, to see your glorious, unbounded, limitless self then you start to reflect this abundance in your physical reality. 


‘So metaphorically speaking, you have just ‘walked though my door’.

The door you have opened leads into the deep chasm of your subconscious mind, a portal into a magical, mystical world of imagination, visualisation and creation. You will be tuning your mind into the field of pure potential aligning with the One Mind of this magnificent energy.

This is a Mystical spiritual experience where you can sense your connection to this powerful energy. I have studied many world religions and these mystical, spiritual experiences are a common thread that goes between all of them, the common denominator so to speak. Over centuries these spiritual experiences have been given names and associations with God, Yahweh, Allah, Holy Spirit, the Universe, the list is endless. For example Yahweh, Allah or God has also been associated with maleness. Language can be laden with negative connotations deeply colouring our perception. It is my wish to transcend the outdated image of a patriarchal God and to speak a universal language everyone will understand.

The word’s that I use to describe this powerful energy that infuses every living thing is Source Energy.  You can use this powerful, limitless energy that courses through your human veins to conjure up feeling create momentum and manifest your own abundant reality. Grounding this reality into the physical world you live in. In other words creating what you want in your life abundantly and I will show you how.


‘Just for today bring your awareness to ‘who you really are’…

Believe it or not you are an energetic conduit for Source Energy. This Energy works in you, for you and through you. You are constantly connected to Source Energy, otherwise you would not exist. You are continually channelling this energy and you have access to this at all times, whether you realise it or not. Your Physical Reality is only one part of you, but your Energetic Reality comes first, this is where your desires are conceived. Your Mental and Emotional Reality then incubates your desires, while your Physical Reality is simply the outer manifestation of what has been going on internally.  The key to manifesting what you want in life is to know ‘who you really are’ and master the art of accessing all of these aspects of you.

Be under no illusion on some level you have asked for this and now you are receiving the information you need, so don’t resist it through fear. As human beings we ask and it is given then we run for the hills with fear.  Remember you are being guided from within. If you are reading this now you are ready. You are ready for big change, make no mistake about that. You can go as fast or as slow as you like, it is up to you. Just don’t deny it, fight it or procrastinate, instead accept it and get excited at the many wonders that lie within you that you haven’t tapped into yet. And you will that is The Promise’. 


The Promise…

It is possible to deliberately create your own positive reality. 

There are people actually doing it all the time.

 You are an integral part of the Universe and have access to Infinite Intelligence constantly.

You have an Energetic Mental and Emotional Reality and NOT just a Physical Reality.

 The Divine and Human meet within you.

 This union is where your desires are conceived.

 Your desires are nurtured in your mind and are born out into physical reality.

 You have a Personal Purpose and a Higher Purpose in this life time

You are continuously channelling energy.

 Everything you want is available to you. 

You just need to know how to access it.

Come follow me and I will show you…

‘Some tools for your energetic tool box…’


The most important tool I would like you to start using to help you tune into Source Energy is meditation. Just 15 minutes of meditation every day will open your chakras up and lead you into the field of pure potential.   I have provided you with a free meditative healing visualisation on the meditation page of this website called This Light of Mine. Alternatively you can listen to any meditation you like or just sit in silence and listen to the ebb and flow of your beautiful breath ebbing and flowing.

Another favourite tool of mine is the aromatherapy oils, my favourite one is Women’s Blend from the Neal’s Yard range you can order them from this website or you can use any oil you like - click Neal's Yard in the menu above for the full range. These beautiful oils help to improve your mental and emotional wellbeing. This aids you in keeping aligned with Source Energy ultimately creating a beautiful reality for yourself based on what you really want in life. 

Use my Facebook page, twitter or Instagram posts as tools to remind you of your new found journey and practice your meditation. In doing so you are preparing the way for yourself and for what you want to create in life.

Next week I will help you to get to know your inner child a little better and we will start to play with some kites! In the meantime practice your meditation as this will speed up the process for you.

Love, Judith