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Deliberatley Creating Your Own Reality €120

  • Ely House 1 Nutgrove Ave, Rathfarnham Dublin Dublin 14 Ireland (map)

This programme is designed to introduce you to who you really are. You are imbued with the ability to create limitlessly. What’s more, the Universe is your playing field and you get to create what you like. As human beings we are all encoded with the capacity to express ourselves in different ways through our own natural talents. In this programme Judith introduces you to her Seven Processes of deliberately creating your own reality.

The day includes…

-        Aligning with Source Energy this is done energetically as this is the first step to creating your own reality. This includes meditation and potent visualisations that positively impress upon your subconscious mind. 

-        You will learn how to develop and use your intuition as a powerful tool. This is your internal ‘sat nav’ that always leads you in the right direction. While establishing skills in conjuring up feelings, making strong decisions and creating powerful momentum around what you desire in life. This day will change what you expect and how you think about your life.  Remember, if you can think it you can have it! 

If you are interested in manifesting what you desire and awakening your personal purpose while getting a glimpse of your Higher Purpose this workshop is for YOU. The impact this workshop will have is life changing, just take a look at some of the testimonials on this website. Come join me and let me walk some of your exciting journey with you…

I have always described Judith’s work to others as a ‘Life Coach.’ She gives you guidance & perspective. Helping you to see things the way you haven’t before and by taking a step back in order to take a step forward. In order to overcome certain obstacles in your life, instead of acting first, she teaches you to take yourself away from the obstacle and reassess it in order to proceed or achieve the best outcome.

Her method has helped me immensely from overcoming personal problems to gaining confidence and self-love. I am releasing who I really am as a person and what my life purpose is. I am creating ‘Momentum’ around the ‘Vision’ I have in my life. For example I envisioned myself and my sisters on the cover of magazines, and kept the momentum of it going all year. In January 2018 we were on the cover of LIFE magazine for the The Sunday Independent. It just shows when you apply some methods to your life, the outcomes can be AMAZING!
— Emma Kehoe