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  • Ely House 1 Nutgrove Avenue Dublin, County Dublin Ireland (map)

Would you believe Art and Craft have an awful lot more in common with mindfulness and meditation then you think? Be a Creative Healer and decide to positively nourish your soul this Autumn and Winter by joining me along with my team for 4 workshops stretching from September to December in Creative Healing. You can do these workshops separately or book them altogether.

These powerful nights will begin with visualisations and take you on a healing journey through the autumn and winter months with companions by your side.

The first workshop is on the 3rd of September. You will:

-          Learn about your Charkas and the power that lies within using vivid colours, tapping into your subconscious mind while painting on silk.

The second workshop is on the 1st October. You will:

-          Create a Samhain Wreath and dabble in numerology, finding out more about your birth numbers and at what stage you are at on your 9-year cycle.

The third workshop is on the 5th November. You will:

-          Learn about and enjoy the healing properties of essential oils while making sprays, ointments and scrubs.

The fourth workshop is on the 3rd December. You will:

-          Deliberately infuse love and abundance in every Christmas decoration you make while using powerful symbols, colours, textures and of course nature to create the most beautiful and meaningful Christmas gifts.

Each workshop will 

-          Nurture you energetically, mentally and emotionally through Healing Visualisations, companionship and a bit of ‘mammying’ from me!

-          Nourish you physically with warm tea infusions and healthy but delicious snacks.

-          Expand your creative abilities and confidence in yourself.

-          Include all art and craft supplies

-          Include an option to go foraging in the woods on the 29th September for cones etc.

-          Possibly include participating in a Christmas fair subject to availability.

I am really looking forward to seeing you and walking the winter months alongside you,


€65 per workshop or €220 for all 4