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Deliberately Create Your Own Reality

  • Radisson Blu St. Helen's Hotel Stillorgan Road Dublin, County Dublin Ireland (map)
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This is my promise to you…

It is possible to DELIBERATELY CREATE what you desire in life. There are people actually doing it ALL THE TIME. You are an INTEGRAL PART OF THE UNIVERSE and have access to infinite intelligence constantly. You have an energetic, mental and emotional reality and NOT JUST A PHYSICAL REALITY. Within you is where THE DIVINE AND HUMAN MEET. This union between the divine and human within is where YOUR DESIRES ARE CONCEIVED. Your desires are nurtured in your mind and are borne out into PHYSICAL REALITY. You have a PERSONAL PURPOSE and a HIGHER PURPOSE in this lifetime. You are continuously CHANNELING ENERGY. EVERYTHING YOU WANT is available to you. You just need to know HOW TO ACCESS IT and I can show you how!

In this workshop I offer you the seven principles I apply to my own life and all my clients.  They can work for anything you desire: happiness and health, a family, a relationship, success in business or creating money in your life the list is endless.

The 7 principles I will be outlining to you on the workshop are;

1     CONNECT TO SOURCE ENERGY: Acknowledging who you really are and embracing the fact that you are inextricably linked to infinite intelligence and are part of the field of pure potential.

2     ALIGNMENT: Learning how to access and direct your own subconscious mind using the tool of the Inner Child while tuning yourself into Source Energy and your desires.

3     FEELING AND KNOWING: Using your intuition and creating positive loops in your life.

4     DECISIONS AND EXPECTATIONS: Making f*ck it decisions and becoming consciously aware of the power of positive choices.

5     MOMENTUM: Stepping through your fears and consciously creating positive momentum.

6     RECEIVING: Ask and it is given – receiving spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

7     RETURN TO SOURCE ENERGY: Staying aligned, accessing your personal and higher purpose and the collective consciousness.

These seven principles will give you everything you need to start creating your own reality. They lead you to fulfill your personal purpose. Then when your basic human needs are being met you are free to pursue your higher purpose in life. (But that is for another workshop)