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Write Your Book of 2020

  • Orlagh House Gunny Hill, Rathfarnham D16 VF38 Ireland (map)

Tickets: €135 Early Bird/ €155 from November 10th


This day-long retreat designed and led by Judith McAdam gives you the tools to write the story of your life for 2020. Forging a space for you to deliberately create and make manifest what you want in your life. It will be on this wintery December’s day the creative seeds of next year’s inspirations will be born . This day will empower you to reach into 2020 and your next decade with confidence knowing that you can and will consciously create your own reality in 2020.  

This powerful high-vibrational day paves the way for an abundant Christmas and a vibrant New Year. The scene for the day is set in Orlagh House, a Gregorian mansion on the foothills of the Dublin mountains. With the strength of the mountains behind you and the endless possibilities of the city in front of you, it is the perfect place, to allow yourself the time to consolidate your 2019 volume of your life, while laying out the chapters in your new 2020 volume.

Throughout the day you will be working with Judith using journaling, visualization and Inner Child techniques that will help you tap into your own subconscious mind, all the time using the 7 principles to deliberately create your own reality. Joining Judith and her team of conscious creators will be Carmel Howard on vocals and yoga teacher Lisa Philips among others.

Lunch is a major part of the day and this Christmas feast will be prepared for you by Marion Kilcoyne from The Pepper Pot. The entire day takes place against a backdrop of the warm fire, cozy blankets , and healthy treats & teas by Carmel Meegan. After lunch, Judith will lead you on a very healing visualization in the forest which will help you establish strong roots for your new 2020 creations to take hold. 

The day will finish powerfully with a glass of mulled wine while ‘Go Leir,’ a fabulous Dublin choir fills your heart with seasonal sounds. This day celebrates your life, all that has past while giving you glimpses into the future and all that has yet to become.   Before you leave, you will release a sky lantern into the night, prepaving the way for 2020.

‘You are the author of your own life…Don’t let others define it for you. Real power comes by doing what you are meant to be doing and doing it well’.

- Oprah Winfrey


Your Day:

Your day specifically revolves around the story of YOUR life and YOUR NEW journal of 2020. So it is really important that you treat yourself to a lovely, big journal one that you are attracted to.  Bring it along with you on the day as I would like you to treat this very special book like your secret diary for the year. However, it is more than just a diary or a journal, for it not only holds your hopes and dreams it helps you to bring your desires out from the recesses of your mind into physical form. Can you imagine this journal represents a year in your life? YOU have the pen in YOUR hand and YOU are the author of YOUR story, you write each word, line, page, and chapter. This precious book is just one volume out of many volumes of your life.

09:45 – 10:00: Judith and her team of conscious creators will be eagerly awaiting you in the parlor with herbal teas and scones. Accompanied by Carmel Howard and her uplifting seasonal vocals positively raising the momentum providing a perfect start to your day.   

10.00 – 12:30: You will adjourn to the drawing-room, where a welcoming fire awaits you. It is here beside the roaring fire that you will have a look at the volumes of your life. Using the book metaphor Judith will help you to see how each year is a volume in the story of your entire life. You are the author and the main character in each volume. You have the pen in your hand. Before you start deliberately writing this new volume of 2020 it is important to have a look at the last one! To consolidation the last twelve months of your life. To mindfully see what you have already created to insure you do something different in your new volume. 

1230 – 1:45: Your meal is an integral part of your day as this nourishing meal not only provides you with much-needed energy but it is a celebration meal. After the morning’s consolidation of your 2019 volume of your life, this festive meal gives you an opportunity to celebrate your life, all that has past while getting ready to prepave the way into your new abundant future.

1:45 - 2:00: There will be a brief walk in the forest to clear the cobwebs offering sustenance for all levels of your being. The forest will also provide the backdrop to connect with Mother Nature. Judith will take this opportunity to do a deep healing visualization to release any traumas from 2019, any upsets and also any fears that hold you back.  There is no place for these fears in your 2020 volume and your new more abundant life ahead.

2.00  – 3:00

After your nourishing meal and grounding forest visualization Judith will help you decipher the main theme and the underlying themes you want in your 2020 book. Is this a love story, a heart breaker, a story of suffering, a book of lack around money, an inspirational story or a story of family feuds or divorce?  Remember, 2020 leads you not only into a new year but a new decade. So it is very important to ascertain are you the main character in your book or is someone else? Is your main character happy, abundant, carefree, full of energy, exciting, sad, fearful, lonely, angry, sick or a bit of everything?  Is she/he beautiful, handsome, vibrant, flowing or has she/he no confidence, doesn’t celebrate herself/himself or is she/he lacking self-worth.  Judith uses deep visualization combined with drawing and Inner Child work to help you to tap into your subconscious mind.

3:00 – 4:00

Lisa Phillips will guide you through a slow-moving, grounding yoga sequence, releasing any resistance to moving forward, settling and rooting in all your, by now, new energetic and mental/emotion creations for 2020. The yoga movements will serve to integrate and combine all of what you have learned and created bringing them tentatively into this physical reality through movement. No experience of yoga is necessary, as the movement will be mindful rather than physical.

4:00 – 5:00

After your wonderful session with Lisa, you will join Judith back beside the fire in the drawing-room to discuss and consolidate the day. You will be asked to place your journal on the puja in the drawing-room where we will all send positive energy into the new volume of your life of 2020.

Joining us for the end of our wonderful day and more importantly the beginning of our fantastic new volumes will be ‘Go Leir’ a fantastic Dublin choir who will lift our spirits creating positive vibrations that will imbue all the pages of our wonderful journals going forward.

We might even send you home with a nice goody bag…!

More about Write Your Book of 2020 and Judith’s team on the day:

The Pepper Pot Café:

The Pepper Pot café and bakery is an owner-run business at the heart of Dublin city’s hustle and bustle, perched on a balcony within the Georgian Powerscourt Townhouse.

Owner, Marian Kilcoyne is dedicated to slowness in all food preparations and her in-house bakery forms the backbone of the menu which also incorporates seasonal and local produce. 


Lisa Phillips - Yoga and Movement Educator

Lisa believes that practicing movement with a mindfulness of the breath helps to create freedom and flexibility in the body.  Passionate about teaching with clarity and compassion she facilitates a practice that is accessible to everyone. Her intention is to encourage serenity, space and stability in the body and mind.

Lisa has over 1000 hours of training and is a qualified IYN500, E-RYT200, Yin Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, and has been training yoga teachers for the past 5 years.

This is an intimate event with a limited number of spaces and tickets can be purchased below:

Location: Orlagh House, Gunny Hill, Rathfarnham, Dublin, D16 VF38, Ireland

Date: December 8th

Start time: 10am – 5pm.

Cost: €135 Early Bird/ €155 from November 10th


Earlier Event: December 3