Module 3 of Igniting Your Personal Purpose


An invitation to the 3rd module of

Igniting Your Personal Purpose


Our first urban retreat Module 1, Igniting Your Personal Purpose, was just the beginning of this powerful journey.

With Module 2, Tending the Flames, we built even more momentum around the feelings that light you up inside and help you to locate and experience those feelings on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level.

Now we move onto Module 3…

Module 3 Adding Fuel to the Fire | 28th October | 10am - 5pm | Fumbally Stables

This Module is especially designed to help you raise the temperature and become completely dedicated to your Personal Purpose.

Our intention with Adding Fuel to the Fire is to ground your Personal Purpose even more in your physical reality.

We will learn how to transmute and transform the fires of creation so you can fully feel your burning passions and experience them in the world around you.

This is a special invitation to increase your wildfire and experience tools and techniques that include Inner Child Practices, Meditation, Puja Creation, Vision Board Creation, Energy Medicine, Movement, Breath Work, Kundalini Yoga, Journaling and other gifts from the wisdom traditions.

As before, after this and our final Module 4 Setting the World on Fire , you will receive a series of gifts and resources directly into your inbox  to help you step through stage of this journey: 

  1. A Recorded Visualisation that encapsulates each Module

  2. An invitation to online check-in call with Judith & Kathy

  3. A range of Practices and Techniques for your Toolbox

*please click on the button, enter €150 in amount, type your name & IGNITE MODULE 3 in notes