Neal’s Yard Remedies


I really love all the Neal’s Yard products. They are natural organic health and beauty products supporting indigenous communities and using Carbon Neutral packaging acting sustainably and ethically to protect mother earth.

If you were sitting beside me in my therapy rooms I would be using aroma therapy oils. I am constantly reaching for those lovely little bottles filled with essential oils to nourish me. Perhaps you would like to do the same. For example Lavender oil is really calming.


Almond oil
Is a rich carrier oil.

Deeply nourishing, the Egyptians used this oil for sacred ceremonies and embalming such was its preserving qualities!

For adults and children, calming and incredibly healing when children are ill.

Tea Tree
This is an excellent antiseptic and good for head-lice!

Use especially for colds and coughs

The Blends
Women’s Balance

This is my favourite, but they are all really beautiful…


I also recommend…

The Pregnancy Supplement for women and Zinc Complex for the dad to be!

There is a whole range for mothers and babies.  With nurturing organic ingredients and natural essential oils. 

The Pro-Bio Boost restores and maintains gut health and you don’t have to keep it in the fridge.

 Arnica Salve for bruising especially for energetic children.

Eucalyptus Salve is deeply warming especially healing for colds and coughs when rubbed on the chest.

 Try the natural deodorants with no harsh chemicals.

 I find these three creams particularly good for the face and body

 Frankincense Nourishing cream

Frankincense Intense Cream

Wild Rose Beauty Balm

You will love these products they are incredibly nurturing and nourishing.