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Reiki for Beginners €135

  • Ely House 1 Nutgrove Ave, Rathfarnham Dublin Dublin 14 Ireland (map)
  • Course facilitators: Judith McAdam

If you want to deliberately create your own reality and align with Source Energy, Reiki is a powerful place to start. In my book, The Source: Connect with your Inner Power and Create Your Own Reality and throughout my work, I place great emphasis on Source Energy and on aligning with this infinite intelligence. Join me for this one-day Reiki workshop and start activating your healing and manifesting potential now. 

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a hands–on healing system for channelling Source Energy. This healing system is passed on during an ‘attunement’ which is given by your Reiki master during the workshop. It is a simple but powerful technique that opens your chakras, strengthens and empowers you and can be used to enhance all aspects of your personal and professional life. After your attunement you will learn how to use Reiki on yourself and others. During the first 21 days after your Reiki attunement you will embark on a gentle cleansing on all levels of your being; energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically.    

Reiki was the first energy technique I learned and it was the beginning of my love affair with Source Energy in awareness. Reiki is simple and safe.  I constantly use this technique on myself and all my clients and have seen powerful results over the years.  I have used it during pregnancy, on my own children and all my ‘babies’ who I have been graced to see in my clinic. Children love it.  I have used it to calm myself and others, release stress and anxiety and heal on all levels.  I have also used it on those who were dying to help them to pass peacefully. It has been with me in every aspect of my life and has been a powerful resource in my personal tool box. 

Following your training in Reiki you then become a conductor of energy. There is a rule in physics that says when high energy and low energy are connected up, by means of a conductor, the energy flows from high to low until both equalise. “You came into this world, metaphorically speaking, as the energetic off-spring of Source Energy. You are imbued with the ability to create limitlessly. What’s more, the Universe is your playing field’The Source


“Everyone is born with immense potential. Our challenge in life is to tap into that, utilize it and live the best life possible. Judith takes you as close to that potential as possible, she holds the space and gently guides you to your true calling.
I first went to Judith in 2011 at the start of my journey to become an acupuncturist. But to be the therapist I wanted to be I had to face everything that was blocking me. Events that happened in my childhood had led to lack of confidence, self-esteem, belief and trust in me. I had spent years avoiding or running from this and it all had to be faced. It was true to say I was disconnected from myself and I probably always had been. To live the life I wanted, but had always felt out of reach, I had to pave a new path.
A very scary and daunting journey had to be made. But over time Judith safely guided me there. Her strong intuition and powerful gift to heal and nurture, helped me bridge the gap between me and my subconscious, which ultimately brought me face to face with my inner most fears, making it possible to let go, and make space for me to dive in and become the practitioner I had dreamed. So today I am living my dream job and I am able to facilitate the potential I am beginning to see in myself”

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Later Event: November 25
Reiki Level 2 - 1 day workshop