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About the Book                                                                                                                                                  

Within the pages of The Source Judith McAdam synthesises her knowledge to reveal the universal principles that unite us all, with the over-riding message that our greatest power lies within us – and if we harness that power we can deliberately create our own reality.

Source Energy is in every living thing.  When we learn how to tap into it in awareness our potential is limitless.  We can achieve things we never thought possible when we release the blocks to our success.  With real-life case studies based on experiences of Judith’s clients who have changed their lives for the better, the secrets of tapping into Source Energy are revealed in a book that is life-transforming for all who read it.

I know you can deliberately create your own reality, creating all that you want in life. I know this is all possible, because I am doing it and I teach others to do it too.  I know the seven practices in this book work because I developed and emerged through them.  I clambered out of my unawareness, sometimes ungracefully and more times than not causing mayhem on the way.

‘You don’t have to go to the terrifying extremes that I did; I have already paved the way for you. All you have to do is follow these seven principles that I have developed from being out there at the cold face’.

“The Source”, Judith McAdam