A Christmas Gift 

Christmas can be very stressful, it really brings up a lot for most of us in all kinds of ways. Some of us have lost people in our lives this year either because they have passed or they have moved away from us in various ways. Some of us are suffering with illnesses or with broken hearts, while others are overwhelmed with work and money worries. The preparations alone for Christmas can be so stressful. If you need a little pick-me-up use this Visualisation to bring yourself back into Alignment. It is my gift to you.

With love Jx


Join with me in a Meditation…

'Who are you in relation to Source Energy? Every thought, idea or desire starts out as a spark of energy first. All your ideas come from the field of pure potential. The field of pure potential resides in the One-mind of Source Energy. Way before you were conceived within your mother’s womb, you were conceived within the One-mind of this energy. I know this can be a bit ‘heady’ but it is really important for you to grasp who you really are and how wonderful you are.

You came into this world metaphorically speaking, as the energetic off-spring of Source Energy. You are imbued with the ability to create limitlessly. What’s more the Universe is your playing field...

All you have to do is acknowledge this is who you are. Your Crown Chakra, when opened will give you access to this higher consciousness and the best tool you have to do this is meditation and stilling the mind.  As human beings we are all encoded with the capacity to express ourselves in different ways through our own natural talents.  In acknowledging and embracing this energy in your life allows Source Energy to work in you and through you, it is utterly transforming'.

The Source

I can’t imagine how different my life would be had I not met Judith. Her method has helped me to realise that I can be, have or do anything I want in life.
— Ashley Kehoe, Blogger

The Inner Child Meditation/Visualisation.

‘This meditation helps you to acknowledge your inner child. In doing so you begin to release the fears and blocks that stop you from deliberately creating your own reality.  You might find it hard to connect with your inner little one at first.  One thing is for sure the child is there.

Every time you feel afraid, challenged, angry or upset this is the child calling you. There is a child in all of us that is very frightened.  This child feels it hasn’t been heard. This child will follow you around all the days of your life looking to be validated, looking to be acknowledged. The child is looking to be set free and to play. During this meditation you are going to start to take responsibility for this child. Nobody else is responsible for your child now only you. Once your inner child feels acknowledge, safe and loved you are free to create what you desire in this life’. 


The Money Room Visualisation

Everyone loves the money room, but the way we think about money can be problematic.  Money triggers us bringing to the surface many learned behavioural patterns and conditioning.  Remember the subconscious mind loves visualisation and this is a magnificent tool to use when you want to deliberately create your own reality.  If you can’t think it, you can’t have it, so this visualisation is aimed at expanding your thoughts and feelings to create more financial abundance in your life.

You are programming your subconscious mind all the time so you might as well programme it positively.  You can programme yourself into a lovely loop of asking and receiving by using the tool of your inner child. During the day when you find yourself worrying about money ask your inner child to pop up to your money room and get some! It is not as crazy as you think…

See my 12th March blog for more information and just allow yourself to play!


Creating Love Meditation

Would you like to create a new relationship or enhance the relationship you are already in?

Ask yourself what kind of relationship do you want with another person?

It would be beautiful to have a soft empowering open loving, trusting relationship with a lover wouldn’t it! It would be amazing to feel secure, sexual, sensual and creative.  Wouldn’t you love to feel your personal power in a relationship and to truly love another with compassion? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be really heard? Both you and your lover listening to your intuition all the time while staying aligned with each other and with Source Energy.   If you want all the above in a lover then you are going to have to conjure up all the above within yourself first. It starts with the energy inside you! Then it ripples out from your mental, emotional process and makes manifest in your physical reality.  Change the energy and you change everything.


Campfire Visualisation

If you have any feelings of fear, anxiety, anger or any type of negativity this week then listen to my Camp Fire Visualisation. All it takes is a few minutes to off load some of your worries and align yourself to Source Energy and the field of pure potential. Have a little listen Jx 🔥