The Promise

It is possible to deliberately create your own positive reality. There are people actually doing it all the time. You are an integral part of the Universe and have access to Infinite Intelligence constantly

You have an Energetic Mental and Emotional Reality and NOT just a Physical Reality. The Divine and Human meet within you.. This union is where your desires are conceived. Your desires are nurtured in your mind and are born out into physical reality. You have a Personal Purpose and a Higher Purpose in this life time

You are continuously channelling energy. Everything you want is available to you. You just need to know how to access it


Judith McAdam has transformed the lives of those whose life’s journey has crossed paths with this healing muse and lodestar. Now with The Source Judith shares her life’s work with a wider audience, helping them to navigate life’s challenges and, like a guiding star, revealing the path to reaching your full potential.
— Dearbhail McDonald, Author and broadcaster

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Reiki Classes

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Without hesitation, I can honestly say that making that first appointment with Judith was not only one of the smartest things I did in 2017 but more importantly one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Almost one year on, the numerous positive effects of my time spent with Judith are clearly evident to me and those closest to me.
— Tara, Dublin

The Source

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‘If you were sitting beside me in my therapy rooms I would be using aroma therapy oils. I am constantly reaching for those lovely little bottles filled with essential oils to nourish me. Perhaps you would like to do the same. For example Lavender oil is really calming’.
— The Source, Judith McAdam

One of Judith's favourite Neals Yard oils is Womans Balance, why not try it'!

Judith has a very special gift and I am so pleased she is now sharing it with a broader audience. Her methods are remarkable and they have been truly helpful in both my personal and professional life. With Judith’s help I have changed my mind-set and how I approach people and difficult situations. I have full control in work, the right balance and have progressed further than I could have ever wished for.
— Aimee Hart, Director, Time Data Security